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Finishing Powder

Finishing PowderChacott for Professionals Finishing Powder, I have heard, is the best selling loose ..

₱2,700 Ex Tax: ₱2,700

Finishing Powder Sparkle

Finishing Powder Sparkle  *Color numbers come to last 3 digitsNet:    30 gColor:..

₱1,900 Ex Tax: ₱1,900

Flawless Matte Finishing Poudre

Flawless Matte Finishing PoudreFinishing Poudre is the last step in setting your flawless face. This..

₱900 Ex Tax: ₱900

Glass Powder

Solid glass powder are Diamond-like shineGlamorous glitter sparkle like jewelsDirecting the eyes an ..

₱2,750 Ex Tax: ₱2,750

Radiant Mineral Face Powder

Radiant Mineral Face PowderApplying this Mineral Powder will leave your skin looking healthy and rep..

₱900 Ex Tax: ₱900

Star Powder

Star PowderSophisticated shimmer is the way to go and with this silky Star Powder you can get just t..

₱720 Ex Tax: ₱720