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Liners + Pencils
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Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow PencilNatural colorant. Moderate hardness lead gives easy lining on eyebrows. Natural wax co..

₱1,350 Ex Tax: ₱1,350

Mechanical Eyeliner

Mechanical EyelinerFormulated to withstand everything from tears to inclement weather, this mechanic..

₱968 Ex Tax: ₱968

Sparkle Eyeliner Set

Sparkle Eyeliner SetWearing girlactik's sparkle eyeliner means getting a lot of compliments,so I'm w..

₱780 Ex Tax: ₱780

Sparkle Eyeliner Single

Sparkle Eyeliner SingleThese are the sparkles ONLY. Each sparkle color is sold individually. These s..

₱420 Ex Tax: ₱420