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Cake Foundation Face & Body

CAKE FOUNDATION FACE & BODYProduct No. :    7879-84xxx*Color numbers come to last..

₱2,750 Ex Tax: ₱2,750

Chacott Creamy Foundation (No. 864)

Product details of Chacott Creamy Foundation (No. 864)Contains vegetable oil-based UV protective ing..

₱3,500 Ex Tax: ₱3,500


ConcealerEye brightening around the eye can make all the difference. Girlactik’s Concealer in 5 shad..

₱768 Ex Tax: ₱768

Cream Blush

Cream BlushThese creamy luxurious blushes are easy to blend and give a nice flush of color. Double u..

₱726 Ex Tax: ₱726

Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow PencilNatural colorant. Moderate hardness lead gives easy lining on eyebrows. Natural wax co..

₱1,350 Ex Tax: ₱1,350

Finishing Powder

Finishing PowderChacott for Professionals Finishing Powder, I have heard, is the best selling loose ..

₱2,700 Ex Tax: ₱2,700

Finishing Powder Sparkle

Finishing Powder Sparkle  *Color numbers come to last 3 digitsNet:    30 gColor:..

₱1,900 Ex Tax: ₱1,900

Flawless Matte Finishing Poudre

Flawless Matte Finishing PoudreFinishing Poudre is the last step in setting your flawless face. This..

₱900 Ex Tax: ₱900

Glam Eye Powder

Glam Eye PowderTo make your eyes a little more glam use the glam eye powder available in 3 shades to..

₱570 Ex Tax: ₱570

Glass Powder

Solid glass powder are Diamond-like shineGlamorous glitter sparkle like jewelsDirecting the eyes an ..

₱2,750 Ex Tax: ₱2,750

HD Enriching Concealer

HD Enriching ConcealerHD stands for High Definition television / HDTVHD Enriching Concealer Good at ..

₱1,150 Ex Tax: ₱1,150

HD Enriching Creamy Foundation

HD Enriching Creamy Foundation*Color numbers come to last 3 digitsNet:    42 gColor:&..

₱2,600 Ex Tax: ₱2,600

HD Enriching Liquid Foundation

HD Enriching Liquid FoundationEnriching Liquid Foundation  HD stands for High Definition televi..

₱2,600 Ex Tax: ₱2,600

HD Long-Eyelash Mascara

HD Long-Eyelash Mascara*Fragrance-free, use natural-colorant*Rich black*Waterproof..

₱1,950 Ex Tax: ₱1,950

Heavens Dust

Heavens DustDust this shimmering sparkling dust on your decolletage and shoulders to give your skin ..

₱1,140 Ex Tax: ₱1,140